Family Office Services

We provide a wide range of services to clients who are willing to receive independent and objective advice on their tangible and non-tangible investments. We can also assist in more personal needs and offer full conciergerie services


Our mission is to take an active part in the protection of the assets of each client and his family

The multi-family office concept allows you to take advantage of synergies when negotiating with various partners

We accompany our client in their approaches to financial institutions

As much in the context of opening a banking relationship as in the monitoring of the performance of their assets, risk management, and even the consolidation and reporting of several banking relationships with several institutions.
Furthermore, for those interested in this type of investment, we have particular expertise in venture capital and private equity investments


Assets and risk management monitoring

We offer comprehensive monitoring and management services to safeguard and optimize your assets, ensuring proactive risk mitigation and strategic decision-making.

Investment strategy for tangible and non tangible assets

With expertise in both tangible and intangible asset classes, we develop tailormade investment strategies to maximize returns and diversify your portfolio effectively.

Bank account opening and consolidation reports

Our dedicated team assists you in navigating the process of opening and managing bank accounts, streamlining your financial relationships across multiple institutions with consolidated reporting for enhanced clarity and convenience.

Conciergerie service

Our full concierge service caters to your personal needs, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience such as vintage car collection, wine library, schooling, jet and yachting…